Do Juice Cleanse Diets Really Work?

We all are aware that fluid is a very essential part of our diet. The most common and important fluid that is required by the body is water. But in the modern life style mere water is not enough for us. Our body regularly needs Detoxification. In today’s hectic daily routine detox through different types of  juice is the new fitness trend.

In this diet you need to take juices and avoid other food consumptions. Juice cleansing means having lots of vegetables and fruits in the form of juice.  The concept may seem very interesting and it truly is but any diets without proper knowledge or guidance can be very dangerous. So there are numerous plans you can take- 3- days detox diet, 5-days detox diet plan or 7-days plan. These are all short term diets because only drinking juice for a longer period of time without any food is also not good for health.

Detoxification is nothing but just a process to help our body release all the toxins. With the increasing pollution and pesticides in almost all types of food our body is getting more and more toxins. Some of the signs of high toxin in the body are Gas, Constipation, Headache, Fatigue etc.  It gets stored in the body and effects our metabolism, mental health, reproductive systems etc.- there are ‘n’ number of side effects. Detoxification will help our liver to function well.

Let us see what Juice Cleanse Diet does to our body.

  1. The very first thing is improves is our liver function. If we can add a few slices of cucumber and two or three crushed leaves of mint to the normal water  and drink the whole day, it is one of the best liver purifying drinks.
  2. It also helps in weight loss. You may be surprised how a detox drink can help in natural weight loss. Now here is the secret, it helps in increasing your metabolism, thus reducing weight. Lemon and some types of berries are a very good source of weight
  3. Brings a natural glow to the skin. Our skin is most exposed to the pollution so it is very important that we take lots of juices to keep it healthy and glowing. Vitamin C reduces the signs of aging.
  4. Sometimes chronic diseases leads to inflammation in the body. Juicer cleansing diet is very important for them.  Adding some ginger to your tea is the best remedy.
  5. Needless to say detoxifying will help boosting our energy. When there will be fewer toxins in the body, energy will increase.

As I said earlier, any type of diet without proper knowledge is harmful. In this diet your body will not get any types of proteins and fat. You will get less fibre, so it is always recommended that this diet plan should always be taken for short time. It is also not good for people who are suffering from  diabetics, anyone suffering from nutritional deficiencies., or kidney disease.