Juice Cleanse diet

Juice cleanse diet is like a detox diet involving consuming vegetable as well as fruit juice just for a shorter period of time. Some of the diets might include smoothies per day to offer fat, protein and other nutrients to curb your hunger and providing energy. Doing it safely will definitely give you benefits in the form of optimal health.


Basics of Juice Cleanse Diet

A juice cleanse diet will support your natural detox process of the body, it will surely clear your diet of caffeine, sugar, refined food and so on that contribute to depletion of energy. However, it is a good way of eating healthy.


In the cleansing, raw organic juice is the main component as antioxidants, phytochemicals and nutrients are easily absorbed in the liquid form. In fact, juice cleanse can be easily done at house only through the use of juice press. Moreover, these cleanse programs are also available at many restaurants and cafes.


A juice cleanse typically allow consumption of juices from not only fruits but it also includes juice from vegetables also. It is a simple attempt to detoxify your body. These cleansing are limited to food group as well as calories, therefore, many people get benefits from it.


However, do not mix the concept of juicing and blending as both of these are far different from each other. But people often have mistaken that they take both the process as one and same thing. In Juicing, one squeezes juices from vegetables and fruits and separate the pulp. On the other hand, in blending, they mix all the edible parts of vegetables and fruits it includes fibrous portion too.


Benefits of Juice Cleanse Diet

Juice cleanse diet generally includes consumption of juice for a specific period only. This period ranges from 3-9 days. This offers the following benefits:


  • Vegetables and fruits are quite high in terms of minerals and vitamins. Drinking in the form of juice will surely introduce some extra nutrients in your body to boost your health.
  • Juices are very rich as an anti-inflammatory compound which boost the immune system of the person and it helps in getting the feeling of being more energetic.
  • Some of the juices also have the ability to flush toxins out from your body.
  • There is no doubt that juice will improve your digestive system of the body as they introduce healthy enzymes which will help you in making more efficient.



However, in spite of its benefits, there is a risk too. Those who are suffering from kidney disorders must not consume juices in large quantity as drinking too much can result in a kidney stone. Juice Cleansing Diet includes low calories which might result in weight loss, but it is not for a long time. Low intake of calories might result in low blood pressure. They might experience dehydration, hunger, fainting and headache.