Are Juice Cleanse Diets A Dangerous Fad?

The juice cleanse diet is one of the healthiest ways of detoxifying your body and helping you get rid of all the toxins in the body. What exactly is a juice cleanse diet though? A juice cleanse diet is nothing but a diet plan wherein you only consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices apart from water. A person on juice cleanse diet is not supposed to eat any other thing within that diet plan period. Since during this period of time the intake of all types of solid food is eliminated or reduced, this is considered as one of the fastest methods of detoxification. The average time period of juice cleanse diet ranges anywhere between three to five days.

Planning a juice cleanse diet

If you are one of those persons who has always wanted to try out the juice cleanse diet in order to detoxify your body, then to begin with you must first consult with a nutritionist. The nutritionist will then formulate an effective juice cleanse diet for you and also recommend you the whole timeline of your monthly intake. It is advisable that you must undertake the juice cleanse diet program during the during spring or summer. This is because during winter when it is cold outside, your body burns additional calories to remain warm and the juices alone will not be enough to provide you with necessary nutrition for sustaining the body.

Also it is important that you must plan the diet program well in advance before the actual period. For instance you must eliminate the intake of some specific types of food a week before your actual diet plan starts. This food that you must eliminate includes meat, sugar, alcohol, eggs and dairy products. You must replace that food with fruits, vegetables and more beans.

The typical juice cleanse diet includes a warm juice of lemon when you wake up. Then cashew or almond milk followed by green vegetable juice. Then round it off with beet, apple and carrot juice. If you want you can also add cashew or almond milk at the end of the day. This is it pretty much what you will be consuming during your diet program. There can be variations on this based on your requirement or what the nutritionist says. However the core elements remain the same. In terms of consumption it is recommended that you must not consume the entire stock of juice in one go.

You can use different fruits and vegetable combinations to create a palatable and a tasty flavour of dish for yourselves. However it is advised that you must avoid an excess of citrus fruits since they can cause an upset stomach. Instead of that you can go for fresh and organic fruit juices which does not have any kinds of additives or preservatives.

The priority however is the detoxification process.  After finishing the 3-5 day period of your diet program, you can gradually start the intake of solid foods. Once you have completed the whole plan you will clearly feel fresher and more energetic.