Juice Cleanse Diet

Previously juices were used for alleviating thirst and hydrating the body. It is not anymore thought to be water but is the major component of most diets, the leading food and energy source. Since juice is effective and an instant energizer, it is considered popular. Juice Cleanse Diet is much superior to other kinds of diets as it helps in flushing out the toxins. A majority of people understand the benefits of fibrous fruits and green veggies and thus they love consuming green diet. Fruit diet or juice diet is digestible and appetizing. It is the kind of detox diet which involves consuming fruit juice and vegetables for a short time period. Certain diet programs also include 1-2 smoothies to provide the body with the needed fat, protein and nutrients to boost the energy level.

What you need to consume in juice diet?

Juice Cleanse Diet

In juice cleanse, you need to consume fruit juice to support the natural detox process of the body, to clear caffeine, diet of sugar and refined foods. Such foods can really deplete your energy levels while juice diet is healthful to boost the energy levels. Organic and raw juice is the important component of cleansing as it is rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and nutrients. Such elements can be absorbed easily by the body when in the liquid form. If you need more bit of energy, you may incorporate gluten free meals, green veggies, snacks to boost up your energy level. If you are looking to adopt this diet for substantial period of time, you need to get in touch with a professional for consultation and recommendation.

Can juice cleansing be done at home?

Yes, juice cleansing may be done at home by using juice press or a juicer. Many cities offer cleanse programs at the juice bars. It may seem tempting to start the liquid diet but you need to be prepared mentally. To reduce the headache and to de-stress your mind, certain food items like refined sugar, coffee, wheat, alcohol, dairy products, nicotine, etc, are completely eliminated from the diet. When you are into liquid diet or juice diet, you are asked to increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, fluids in the pre-cleanse session.

Abstain from any solid food

Juice Cleanse Diet

During the liquid diet, you will be asked only to consume liquids and avoid the solid food. So the diet is meant only for a limited period of time. A typical cleanse can last for 2-3 days and during this period the medical professional will monitor you. Fruits and green vegetables offer vitamins and nutrients to the body in order to boost the energy levels. Liquid food also passes through your digestive system much easily when compared to solid food. Hence, liquid food clears the body toxins. The body does not even absorb any new toxin during the course of time.

When to start the juice cleanse diet?

If you are looking to start the Juice Cleanse Diet, you may choose warm seasons. Spring season is the best time to start this diet. During winters, as the body tends to burn more calories to stay warm, the juice cannot provide enough nutrition to the body. Before the start of liquid diet, you must stop the consumption of meat, egg, alcohol, refined sugar and dairy products. Per day you are supposed to take 32-64 ounces juice. To create wide range of extremely flavorful juice, you may use a variety of vegetables and fruits. Make sure you do not consume a lot of citrus fruits as that can lead to stomach upset. You can use organic produce for juicing as they do not have additives and preservatives.

Transitioning from liquid to solid diet

After the period of cleansing expires, you must start the process of returning to solid food diet. This needs to be done to avoid shocking your digestive system. After you finish off cleansing, you may start 2 seasonal fruits a day. You may add salads, yogurt and bit of eggs.

The main concept of intaking liquid diet is flushing out all the body toxins. It rids your body off the dangerous toxins that can harm the vital organs of the body. No matter how restrictive one feels, liquid diet is most beneficial.